‘View’ Hosts Refuse to Believe Obama Used Tear Gas: ‘I Don’t Care What Obama Did!’ (VIDEO)


The View hosts oddly used a conservative talking point as the starting point for a conversation at the hot topics table, on Wednesday’s show. The co-hosts were split at the table over the notion that President Obama also used tear gas at the border, with the liberal hosts throwing a fit over being called out for their hypocrisy.

Citing the National Review, Whoopi began by pointing out that the conservative outlet argued that when President Obama tear-gassed illegal immigrants crossing the border, no one made a fuss like they are doing now in the media. But co-host Joy Behar was reticent to believe that Obama did such a thing.

“Is there any evidence of that?” she asked before plowing forward to point out the media-hyped image of the mother and her two girls running from tear gas. “Do you have a photo like that when Obama was in office?” she asked. – READ MORE

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