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‘View’ Hosts: ‘More Guns Is Not The Answer’ (VIDEO)


Things got contentious on “The View” Thursday over the shooting in Alexandria, Virginia at a Republican congressional baseball practice.

Host Jedediah Bila schooled the other three hosts who were in total agreement shootings could be stopped by having fewer guns on the street rather than more as they discussed Republican lawmakers wanting to carry guns after the shooting.


“More guns is the not the answer,” Sunny Hostin explained to the panel.

“I’d be afraid that some guy on the subway would have a fit, just go mad or be upset somebody took his seat … and shoot somebody else,” Joy Behar said as she praised New York state for having strict gun laws and not being an open-carry state.

“I’m not worried about law-abiding citizens carrying guns,” Bila said explaining that she feels very safe in places like Arizona and Texas. “They don’t make me nervous.”

“Have you been around afraid people with guns,” Whoopi Goldberg interjected insisting Bila had never been around people with guns.

“I have,” Bila responded.

“I don’t believe you, Jed,” Goldberg said. “I don’t believe you.”

“I’m a conservative,” Bila answered. “They’re a very pro-gun, pro-Second Amendment [group].”

“I’m saying to you that when people start shooting, people tend to run,” Goldberg responded. “If other people have guns it makes it very hard for the police to know who’s shooting.”

“The problem is, if the Capitol Police weren’t there … if they had not shown up there would have been a massacre there,” Bila explained. “If you live in a society where only the police have guns, that’s called a police state. That is not the United States of America. We have a Second Amendment in this country.”

“Let’s talk about the Second Amendment then,” Goldberg said. “The Second Amendment is about a militia.”

“But that was at the time it was written,” Bila responded. “It’s the right to bear arms, protect yourself and your family.”

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