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VIDEO: Watch California Guv Fly Into Crazed Anti-Trump Tirade Before Begging Him For Federal Funds; Insanity


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You Don’t normally threaten someone that you want FREE money from, unless you’re a idealistic thug like California Governor Jerry Brown. Or a street criminal.

We thought one of the first rules of business is you get more with honey than vinegar. Gov. Brown may have to use that honey and vinegar to stuff in California’s Oroville spillway and dam which threatens to break.

Just days before begging for federal funds to help plug Oroville’s gushing waters, Gov. Brown launched into a threatening tirade against newly minted President Donald Trump.

Brown, who spends $25 Billion on feeding and schooling illegal immigrants annually, might need to retool his diplomacy and budgeting skills.

Or buy himself yellow rain suit and rubber raft when visiting Oroville.

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