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VIDEO: Trump Admits His Tweeting Is Completely Impulsive


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President Donald Trump admitted his tweeting is completely impulsive Monday, saying there’s “no method” to his communication on the platform.

“No method, really,” he said on “Fox & Friends” in an interview aired Tuesday. “It’s just — it’s not venting either.”

The admission is remarkable given the level of scrutiny a president’s communications typically undergo to ensure they’re on message and further the administration’s goals. It’s no surprise, though, for anyone paying attention to his almost daily tweets.

“It does allow me to go around dishonest media,” he continued. “I don’t have to go around you folks. I don’t have to go around a lot of the media. But I do have to go around some media. I have so many millions of people, it allows me to give a message without necessarily having to go through people where I’m giving them a message and they’re putting it down differently from what I mean.”

His off-the-cuff tweets have caused consternation among even some of his allies. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has gone so far as to publicly suggest he lay off. “I’m not a fan of the daily tweets,” he told reporters earlier this month. But Trump is so far undeterred, and appears to be using the tweets at times to drive the news cycle away from certain stories.

“Well, most of the people that want me to stop it are the enemies, I’ll be honest with you,” Trump added in the interview. “The enemies would like me to stop it. If I felt the media were honest, all of it, or most of it, I wouldn’t do it. But it is a modern-day form of communication, especially when you have, you know, tens of millions of people like I have.”


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