VIDEO: Sanders Says US Arsenal Will Remain ‘Unmatched’ After Putin Claims New Nuclear Tech


White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Thursday that the U.S. will continue to modernize its nuclear arsenal and ensure its capabilities remain “unmatched” following Russian President Vladimir Putin’s claims of a new high-tech Russian arsenal containing a nuclear weapon capable of reaching any location on Earth.

“President Trump understands the threats facing America and our allies in this century and is determined to protect our homeland and preserve peace through strength. U.S. Defense capabilities are and will remain second to none,” Sanders told the press during her daily briefing.

Earlier in the day on Thursday, as part of his annual State of the Union address, Putin said Russia would retaliate and could use nuclear weapons against any attack on the country’s allies.

“This is unheard of and nobody else has such a system in the world,” the Russian president said. “They might create something like this in the future, but by then our guys will have created something new as well.” – READ MORE

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