VIDEO: New Classified Emails Show Huma Abedin Booked Chelsea Clinton On Free Trip to Germany On Taxpayer Money To Watch Soccer


Huma Abedin, through the White House in 2011, booked multi-millionaire Chelsea Clinton on a free US military round-trip charter flight to Germany to watch a soccer game. The US taxpayers also paid for her hotel costs and likely her food as well, per new bombshell emails released by Judicial Watch.

Clinton made the travel arrangements with Abedin while under the alias name of Diane Reynolds. Chelsea was employed by the Clinton Foundation at the time.

Per Judicial Watch today:

In July 2011, when Chelsea Clinton, using the alias Diane Reynolds and the email address [email protected], was planning to fly to Germany to see the U.S. women’s soccer team play, her travel agent asked Abedin to confirm that Chelsea’s travel costs could be placed on her parents’ credit card. In response, Abedin tells the agent that she can “stand down” from making arrangements to get Chelsea to Germany, as Chelsea and Bari Luri, Chelsea’s Clinton Foundation chief of staff, would be made part of the “official delegation” going to the match and she would “fly on official govt plane both ways and they will take care of hotels and all transportation.” Chelsea was a fully employed Clinton Foundation executive at this time.

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