VIDEO: Leaked Las Vegas SWAT Audio Indicates Police Gunned Down Stephen Paddock in Hotel


A raw and chilling audio feed leaked from Las Vegas Metro SWAT confirms officers did engage in gunfire after breaching Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock’s hotel suite, directly contradicting FBI and police claims that Paddock killed himself.

According to the newly leaked audio, Paddock was likely gunned down by LVMPD’s elite “Zebra Unit” SWAT force. A SWAT officer code named “Zebra20” and apparent leader of the team’s strike force who led the raid on Paddock’s Mandalay Bay suite reported on police radio that one member of his team did open fire inside Paddock’s room.

“We have one SWAT officer that did fire,” the SWAT strike force team leader said, according to the audio transcript. (Listen to the SWAT audio in the above video)

Zebra20 then reported no other people were injured during the breach, alluding Paddock was the sole casualty.

“We just have one suspect down at this point in time,” he said.

The events which unfolded during the Oct. 1 massacre per LVMPD’s Zebra Unit SWAT force directly contradict the official narrative delivered since the shooting by Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo and the FBI’s Aaron Rouse who heads the Bureau’s Las Vegas field office.

To wit, both law enforcement entities have vehemently stated Paddock killed himself before police breached and reached his room. No shots were fired, Lombardo has stated.

The new audio, however, clearly proves that was not how things went down on the 32nd Floor of Mandalay Bay.

Did Lombardo and Rouse outright fabricate the narrative in Paddock’s hotel room? The SWAT-linked audio tape would strongly indicate their collaborated yet uncorroborated story that Paddock committed suicide is pure fiction.

If these law enforcement entities worked so hard to manufacture a bogus back story about Paddock’s death, what else are officials hiding from the public?

There are no shortage of glaring inconsistencies and unanswered questions stemming from the official narrative and time line if the shooting, which changed daily for weeks.

Now the leaked audio transcript, for the first time, serves as rock-solid evidence that officials likely have been lying to the public.

LVMPD’s Zebra Team is comprised of 40 elite members on the police department, a law enforcement source said. Zebra20, who relayed the scene from Paddock’s room to the dispatcher at “Control,” is a long time veteran of the police force and SWAT unit, sources said.

Lombardo did not return request for comment.

FBI did not return request for comment


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