VIDEO: Hugh Hewitt Lays Into PolitiFact’s Aaron Sharockman For An Entire Hour

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Hugh Hewitt spent an entire hour Tuesday taking PolitiFact’s executive director Aaron Sharockman to task for rating his Sunday claim that Obamacare is in a “death spiral” false.

Hewitt accused PolitiFact of not having adequately reached out to him before publishing the piece, and he immediately opened Tuesday’s interview with a flurry of factual questions.

Sharockman spent the majority of the interview dodging — “what you’re being is non-transparent to your readers” — yet after Hewitt blew holes in his arguments for 50 minutes straight, he actually apologized.

Hugh Hewitt (Getty Images)

Hugh Hewitt (Getty Images)

“I swear to you that at PolitiFact what we try to do is find an antidote for misinformation,” he stated. “A lot of people spread misinformation, but if we could all work together and have a discussion about what are true facts… the American public will be better off, and they will make good policy choices.”

“That’s all we’re trying to do, and i swear to you that is our missions. We know now, and I follow you on Twitter, we will be the best of Twitter friends –”

“No we will not because you do not realize that I, though I have no personal animus to you, I believe what you do is totalitarian,” Hewitt cut in. “You actually have no concept of what you are about which is to become a ministry of truth which is an attempt to segregate out by the left the talking points which are most damaging to them.”

“You have been a faithful servant of the left since you popped up on my radar screen, and I have no time for PolitiFact.”



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