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VIDEO: Hollywood Lightweight Ashton Kutcher Hammers Trump, Pretends to Love Illegals During SAG Awards


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Ass Hat Kutcher, whoops we mean Ashton Kutcher opened the self-important SAG Awards Sunday night by pretending to love airport-protesting illegal “citizens” on behalf of his Hollywood colleagues.

Kutcher, along with other clueless celebrities, pandered to illegals throughout the ceremony while rudely speaking English only. How crass.

And while the beautiful people patted themselves on the back with jokes and awards, a suspected refugee — who these clowns celebrated all night — was likely taking part in waging a terror massacre in Quebec City at a mosque.

I mean without illegals, how would the beautiful people even eat?


Clean the mansion?

But hey, Relax, man. You’re bringing down the crowd. Smoke a bong. Chill.

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