VIDEO: Hillary Clinton’s Top Secret Campaign to Run for New York Mayor Leaked?; Stealth Scheme Foiled by Twitter Sleuth


Did Hillary just leak again?

Hillary Clinton will be campaigning to become the next Mayor of New York City, according to a campaign-themed Twitter page with a political ad launched haphazardly Monday evening on social media.

The apparent political launch had all the makings of a poorly-planned and seemingly rushed political strategy. Those hallmarks seem to echo from the Democrat’s disastrous 2016 presidential run. So this must be legitimate.

Why the haste? The campaign video was launched after Twitter reporter and independent sleuth @__0HOUR1_, also known as simply “Zero” in Twitter circles, broke the story that Hillary was officially planning to run for mayor of New York.

Moments later, the Hillary for New York City political video appeared on @ClintonforMayor, the Twitter site that had until Monday sat idle since its launch in April. Zero said in an interview that he has been monitoring the site for months and several well-healed democratic operatives have followed it recently, including Oren Shur who served as director of media for Hillary For America from 2015 through the 2016 election. The political ad said it was paid for by Hillary For America as well and Hillary narrates the 30-second spot.

Is this true? We did not reach out to Hillary for comment because … well … whether she said it was true or false, who would believe her beyond her voters?

We can further explore the ironies of Clinton running for NYC mayor later if/when she officially announces her candidacy, especially since disgraced ex-Congressman and convicted sexter Anthony Wiener, her surrogate son-in-law, campaigned for the same political post.

If this is not real, someone ask Hillary if she is missing her voice, logo, image, website address and PAC because someone might be using them to run for New York City Mayor. Just don’t email her.

Here is the video:

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