VIDEO: Hero Teacher From School Massacre Said Shooter Was Dressed Like a Cop in Full SWAT Tactical Gear


There has never been any mention that the Florida school shooter was dressed like a police officer in tactical police gear.

By anyone.

Until now.

This shooting needs to be investigated. The teacher’s new revelations are disturbing. And shocking.

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School teacher Stacy Lippel said the gunman was dressed in full SWAT gear firing down the same hallway she was rescuing kids from. She was grazed by a bullet from that shooter’s rifle.

Lippel said the real police showed up 45 minutes to an hour after the gunman left her hallway, after killing the teacher in the classroom next to hers.

45 minutes to an hour?

Where in the hell were the Sheriff’s officers?

Well, we know that answer now. They were hiding.

Given the Broward County Sheriff’s chronic struggles to tell the truth, perhaps it is time for real law enforcement to interview Lippel and sort through the stories of the Sheriff officers’ malfeasance during the shooting.

But no one else said the shooter was dressed like a cop.

How did the shooter buy a tactical vest, helmet and SWAT gear?

Much more to this shooting that the public is being told.

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