VIDEO: FORMER FBI HEAVYWEIGHT KALLSTROM: Comey’s “Lost His Mind … This is Third-World Country Stuff”


We are predicting a tough week or James Comey and Robert Mueller.

For Comey, things went sour quickly on Sunday when former Assistant Director of the FBI Jim Kallstrom tuned him up like a piano on FOX News.

Kallstrom had this to say to Maria Bartiromo:

I think he’s lost his mind, Jim Comey. I don’t understand what his act is… This conversation with the President of the United States is automatically classified. At least it was when I was in the government. Unless they’ve changed rules like that. But Maria we’re in a three act play and it’s not a comedy. It’s a tragedy… Who are they (Clapper and Brennan) to be threatening the President of the United States?… And I have no doubt that they’ve conspired with others including Jim Comey, and others unnamed at this point.


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