VIDEO: Disturbing video shows husband and wife savagely attacked by looters with 2x4s for defending business


A graphic and disturbing video shows a group of men attacking a husband and wife after the couple attempted to stop the rioters from looting a business in Rochester, New York.

There were widespread looting and rioting in downtown Rochester Saturday evening, according to WHAM-TV. The Villa, a sportswear and sneaker store in Rochester, was one of the businesses looted on Saturday.

At the Rochester Fire Equipment Company, a group of men smashed the glass exterior, and were about to loot the jewelry store next door. The men were using 2x4s and a metal ladder to break the glass.

A woman told the men to stop destroying the business, and instead of dispersing, one of the men started punching the woman in the face. The woman covered her head as the rioter continued to pummel her. – READ MORE

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