VIDEO: Awan Clams Up During Courthouse Ambush; Confronted on Street After Trying to Duck Reporters


After being treated like a celebrity by CNN on the courthouse steps, the media love fest changed quickly for Imran Awan outside his hearing at U.S. District Court in D.C. on Friday.

Jason Goodman, editor of CrowdSource the Truth — after mixing it up with one of Awan’s attorneys just moments before — chased Awan himself down to pepper the accused bank fraudster with some tough questions.

Having been interviewed previously by the Washington Post and CNN, the Awan legal team appeared unprepared for tough questions.

Still no answers from the Congressional IT guru hired by Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Awan refused to answer any of the questions Goodman fired at him and his other attorney became flustered as well, telling Goodman that he would have to call his law office to schedule and interview with Goodman.

Goodman laughed it off and kept asking questions.

Goodman in a earlier interview with Awan attorney Christopher Gowen apparently got under the counselor’s skin. Gowen warned Goodman in an apparent attempt to intimidate the reporter that the federal court would be coming after him next.

Gowen refused to elaborate and made jokes about President Bill Clinton instead. Gowen previously served as a key fundraiser for the Clintons.

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