VIDEO: Apple Investigating Possible Explosion After iPhone 7 Catches On Fire, Melts

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Apple is reportedly investigating an alleged incident of an exploding smartphone, after a teenager from Arizona uploaded a video showing her iPhone 7 Plus smoldering and melting.

The video shows the rose gold exterior of the phone liquefying and smoking, revealing the mechanical insides.

“Dude, what the fuck?,” the Twitter user, presumably named Brianna Olivas, can be heard saying while inspecting the dangerous smartphone. “Are you fucking serious right now?” she asks.

It is not yet clear why or how the iPhone 7 Plus presumably combusted and started emitting substantial amounts of smoke.

In subsequent tweets, Olivas forcefully asserts that she did not have “one of those dumb ass liquid cases” and that the tried and true “put it in rice” treatment for water damage certainly wouldn’t apply to this situation.

Olivas went to the Sprint store the day before the apparent explosion, because her device wouldn’t turn on, according to Gizmodo.

After running a diagnostics test, she was told that while her phone “looked weird when it turned on,” everything was fine.

Olivas said that the phone was charging near her head the night before the alleged explosion while she was sleeping. Her boyfriend disconnected the phone from the charger and placed it on the dresser before noticing smoke and hearing a “squealing noise.” He then placed it in the bathroom where it then exploded and started to release smoke, according to Gizmodo.

“All of this has been causing me really bad anxiety,” Olivas said, according to Gizmodo. “It’s not severe, but my anxiety has never been this bad. My mother is involved and right now she’s just worried about making me feel better.”

Apple is looking into the incident, according to Forbes and Mashable.

Samsung stopped manufacturing and shipping its Galaxy Note 7 smartphone after several reports of the devices exploding and catching fire surfaced. It ultimately was forced to recall the product due to onslaughts of criticism and people publicizing their severe injuries from the combusting phones.

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