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VIDEO: Another CNN Guest Wildly Inflates US Aid to Israel, Claims $38 Billion a Year


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It would be a good idea for journalists to be wary of any anti-Israel or left-leaning guests making claims about how much foreign aid the U.S. grants Israel each year, since on two occasions just Wednesday, CNN guests managed to pass off wildly overstated claims about how much the U.S. spends in supporting the Jewish state and only liberal democracy in the Middle East.

After recurring CNN guest Jason Johnson of The Root had already claimed on this morning’s CNN Newsroom that the U.S. “gives the vast majority of its foreign aid to Israel,” a few hours later on CNN’s Wolf show, pro-Palestinian activist Diana Buttu claimed that Israel gets $38 billion a year. In reality, Israel receives about $3 billion a year out of a total of about $50 billion the U.S. allocates for foreign aid worldwide. – READ MORE

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