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VIDEO: Animal House: DNC Chair Candidate & U.S. Congressman Thinks Germans Bombed Pearl Harbor


Meet the leading candidate to become the new Democratic National Committee chairman, Keith “Bluto” Ellison. He’s also a U.S. Congressman representing the 5th district of Minnesota.

Already known for his proposal to create a separate country for blacks inside the United States, fueled by cash reparations paid from whites to blacks, another gem from this elected official has surfaced regarding World War II and the sitting congressman’s lack of basic American and world history knowledge.

Perhaps candidates for federal office should be required to pass a basic American history test before running for office. Likewise, maybe Minnesota voters should be required to pass one too.

The writers of Animal House were decades ahead of their time. John “Bluto” Blutarsky, after expulsion from college and committing grand theft auto of a convertible Oldsmobile and kidnapping of a Faber College coed, was ultimately elected a U.S. Senator. Wait, but that was a comedy. Oh, right, just like the last two DNC chairs.


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