VIDEO: All-Bark-No-Bite Trey Gowdy Gushes on Robert Mueller Like Schoolboy Smitten By Prom Queen


Professional brown-nose Trey Gowdy is at it again, talking like a big shot but getting very little actually accomplished.

This round Gowdy is taking a break from puckering up to ex-FBI Director James Comey’s rear end. Now Gowdy is kissing up to U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller for reasons quite unknown to non-Swamp dwellers.

Mueller in fact is embroiled and implicated in many growing scandals, including orchestrating the Uranium One scheme.

Not a problem for Gowdy who has done very little since prosecuting mostly small fish during his career as a federal prosecutor. Since then his Congressional record rivals his hair cut.

But he sure can spin a yarn and turn a phrase. Yet another wordsmith living off American’s sweat and tax money. Life straddling the political fence pays well, after all.

Remember when he was going to bring down Hillary Clinton for her email scandal? Or was that the Benghazi committee which Gowdy tanked  headed? Who can keep track these days in The Swamp.

Made for great sound bytes though during Congressional hearings.

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