VIDEO: ABC Thinks ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ of Dem Wins Are ‘Rejection of Trump’


Giddy over Democratic wins in state and local elections across the country, on Wednesday’s Good Morning America, political pundits Matthew Dowd and Meghan McCain were eager to cheer the results as “rejection” of President Trump and a victory for “diversity and inclusion.”

“But the voters so clear here, 2-1 in Virginia, 3-1 in New Jersey, they wanted to send a message to Trump,” co-host George Stephanopoulos declared at the top of the discussion. Dowd agreed: “Yeah, they sent a message to Trump big time in the course of this.” He then hailed the slate of left-wing candidates who were elected to office:

I think it sends a lot of signals, but I think the big takeaway that I had from it is the level of diversity and inclusion that happened on election night. If you – not only the first transgender person elected into office in Virginia, the first Sikh elected to office in a major city, the first gay mayor of Seattle. The first African-American woman elected mayor of Charlotte. The first woman mayor of Manchester.

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