Veteran, FedEx driver stops to fold fallen flag: ‘It’s the Marine way’


Sometimes, it’s the smallest good deeds that make the biggest difference.

One Marine veteran working as a FedEx driver in Maryland has made headlines and pulled the heartstrings of many in recent days, as he made an impromptu stop during his delivery shift to fold an American flag that had fallen to the ground.

On Nov. 28, Gail Cook of Ferndale shared video footage to Facebook, captured by her home’s surveillance camera. In the clip, a FedEx driver stopped to retrieve the American flag that landed on the ground after Cook’s flagpole had been pushed to the ground by high winds, Fox 13 reports.

As seen in the footage, the patriotic Good Samaritan parks his delivery truck, carefully retrieves the flag, creases it into a proper triangular fold, and places it safely on the family’s front porch, before returning to his vehicle.- READ MORE

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