Vet Affairs Pay Bad Boss $85,000 To Quit, Then Re-Hire Him Anyway

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Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) managers wanted to fire a hospital director for misconduct, but wound up paying him $85,000 instead to resign “from federal service voluntarily, completely and irrevocably” — then hired him back anyway, but let him keep the money.

Terry Atienza was the chief executive officer of the VA’s Grand Junction, Colo., hospital from 2009 until 2013, when he was targeted for removal for being chronically absent.

How the VA went from attempting to punish an employee to lavishing him with riches follows an agency pattern: A specious claim of racism, followed by the VA using that as a vehicle for a golden parachute, since it is not allowed to pay off bad employees to leave, but can pay them to settle complaints, and conveniently build a resignation requirement into that settlement – READ MORE

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