Very few students in this county walked out for gun control — the ones who did were punished


While students nationwide walked out of class to protest for gun control on April 20, only a handful of Anne Arundel County students participated. Those students faced the consequences, and parents appear to support the punishments, WJZ-TV reported.

On the 19th anniversary of the mass shooting at Columbine High School, gun control activists organized another National School Walkout.

Anne Arundel County Schools administrators informed students up front that they would face consequences if they participated in walking out during school hours. As a result, only 15 out of 82,000 students in the Maryland county participated.

“Eighty-two thousand of our students did exactly what we asked them to do,” a district spokesman said. “We had 15 students who chose not to do that, and we administered the consequences that we told them in advance we were going to administer.” – READ MORE

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