Venezuela’s Maduro Says He’s Not Stepping Down But He Might Be ‘Ready To Talk’


Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro says he’s not stepping down, even as the international community pressures him to consider the people of his country and cede control to opposition leader Juan Guaido, but did signal Sunday that he may be “ready to talk” with the United States.

Maduro has come under increasing pressure to call democratic elections for Venezuela, and now faces an “international ultimatem” demanding that he call elections “within eight days,” according to Reuters, as a number of powerful countries now recognize Guaido as Venezuela’s legitimate leader.

In an interview with CNN Turkey, Maduro claimed that “he was open to dialogue and that meeting U.S. President Donald Trump was improbable but not impossible,” Reuters reports.

Maduro then added that he believes the nation’s courts — which he controls — should be the final arbiter of who has power in Venezuela.

“I am not the attorney general. It will be the job of the attorney general, it will be up to the courts to determine the steps to follow and we’ll see. This pertains to the justice system,” he told CNN. – READ MORE

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