Vegan Claims Sausage Roll ‘Traumatized’ Her ‘For Life’


A vegan who says she was served a pork sausage roll that she thought was meat-free claims she has been “traumatized for life.”

Sharleen Ndungu, 20, said she began having heart palpitations immediately after being informed that the roll contained meat. And then, she said, she began to cry.

“I haven’t had meat in two years,” Ndungu said, according to Metro UK. “My belly started hurting and my heart started going crazy. I was panicking because that only happens when I consume meat — this doesn’t happen when I have other food. I’m traumatized for life now — I’m never going to Greggs again.”

The incident occurred after Ndungu went to get something to eat at Greggs bakery in Canterbury, Kent in England. – READ MORE

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