Vassar Offers ‘Safe Room’ to Students Afraid of Cornell Law Professor Lecture on Hate Speech


Vassar College students “were whipped into a frenzy” ahead of a speech given on campus this week by Cornell Law School professor William A. Jacobson on the topic of hate speech on college campuses.

Cornell Law School Professor and noted securities arbitration scholar William A. Jacobson was on the receiving end of a smear campaign shortly after the Vassar Conservative Libertarian Union announced their intention to host Jacobson on campus for a lecture entitled “‘Hate Speech’ is Still Free Speech, Even After Charlottesville.”

Jacobson alleges that the hysteria was drummed up by a campus group called “Healing 2 Action.” The group created a Facebook event that detailed the group’s strategy for coping with Jacobson’s presence on campus. A safe space room was set up with “coloring books, zine kits, markers, and construction paper” for students who wanted to escape


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