Varney: Don’t let media fool you, 2020 Democrats ‘are in real trouble’ and not President Trump


2020 Democratic candidates are finding themselves in a “Monday mess,” according to Fox Business host Stuart Varney.

Discussing the latest developments on his Fox Nation show, “My Take,” Varney said Democrats are scrambling in fear as they begin to realize “that none of them can beat Donald Trump”  — and he believes Americans will stick with the president despite an open impeachment investigation.

“For the 2020 Democratic hopefuls, it is in my opinion, a Monday mess,” Varney said. “There’s mounting anxiety that none of the Democratic candidates can launch a campaign that will beat Donald Trump.”

“Of course,” Varney continued, “if you scan the news of the day, you’d think the world turns on impeachment, you’d think the Trump presidency is on its last legs…that’s the media’s never-ending obsession. Look beneath the screaming headlines, and it’s the Democrats’ presidential campaigns that are in real trouble.”

Delving into the Democratic frontrunners, Varney responded to 2020 candidate Joe Biden’s recent statement, in which he wrote that he intends to “beat Trump like a drum” in 2020.

Biden has had trouble collecting donations recently, Varney said, after he found himself in the middle of the investigation against President Trump over the content of a phone call during which Trump spoke with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky about Biden and his son Hunter’s business dealings in Ukraine.

“He is a casualty of the impeachment, he is collateral damage,” said Varney in an earlier interview. – READ MORE

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