Vanity Fair Puts Beto On The Cover. Donald Trump Jr. Wrecks Them With One Tweet.


After Vanity Fair ran a puff piece on former Congressman Beto O’Rourke in which they posed him on their cover similar to a pose of President Ronald Reagan on a cover from Time magazine from yesteryear, one Twitter user noticed the similarity of poses and pictured the two covers side by side, prompting a hilarious response from Donald Trump Jr.: “Alpha meet Beta.”

Trump Jr. knew as well as anyone there would be no doubt in anyone’s mind just who was “Alpha” and who was “Beta.” Just to compare the two men’s rhetoric reveals how vastly different the two men are, and looking at the hardscrabble roots that propelled Reagan to become one of the greatest presidents in American history while O’Rourke’s navel-gazing, marrying into a multi-millionaire family story is a definite contrast. – READ MORE

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