VA Gov. Northam: I Won’t Resign And Be Branded A ‘Racist’ Forever


Embattled Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam will not step down, he told his cabinet late Monday, because he says admitting to wearing blackface in medical school would brand him a racist for life.

Sunday, Northam huddled with his top aides and a number of minority staffers after receiving what sources called “conflicting” advice on whether to resign his position.

Monday morning, Northam confronted his cabinet members and reportedly told them he would not resign as expected because resigning was tantamount to an admission that he engaged in racist behavior, and he does not want to be branded a “racist” for life.

CNN reports that Northam “begged” for his cabinet’s support.

“Northam oversaw a regularly scheduled Cabinet meeting Monday morning that a source inside the meeting described as ‘solemn,'” CNN said. “According to that source, the governor specifically said that if he resigns, he would be resigning as a ‘racist for life,; and that the only way he can clear his name is to stay in office and convince people that he is not in that photo and that the photo does not represent who he is.”

In turn, the cabinet members reported to mainstream media sources that they are “struggling” with the situation, and that while they believe Northam is not a racist, they do not see how he can weather the situation, particularly given that he cannot explain the origins of the now-infamous blackface photo. –  READ MORE

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