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Understanding Trump: Newt Gets It


There’s an old saying in the marketing biz: “For those who get it, no explanation is necessary.  For those who don’t, no explanation is possible.”

I just finished reading my friend Newt Gingrich’s new book, “Understanding Trump.”  Newt gets it.

The forward was authored by Eric Trump, President Donald Trump’s son.  He writes…

“Many books will be written by the very people who got it wrong (about my father winning) and, quite frankly, who continue to get it wrong, but this book will stand apart because Newt was one of the few who got it right – he is a friend and he was there from the beginning.”

But not just from the beginning of the Trump Insurrection.  As Gingrich explains…

“Trump represents the third – and hopefully final – great effort to break away from a half-century of big government liberalism dating back to the administration of Lyndon B. Johnson.  The first big push came in 1981 when President Ronald Reagan took office.  The second was in 1994, when we signed the Contract with America.”

Gingrich was a rising conservative star in Congress in the early ‘80s and had a front-row seat for the Reagan Revolution as a key ally.  And he was the commanding general in the Republican Revolution in 1994 when the GOP regained control of the House of Representatives after 40 years of wandering in the political desert.

And he was arguably the First Surrogate for Trump during the 2016 campaign, traveling all over the country advocating for an uprising against the Washington establishment and draining the swamp.  Indeed, after Trump secured the GOP nomination, Gingrich was seriously considered as his vice presidential running mate.

Newt gets it.

He understands why many movement conservatives supported Trump even though they knew he was no Ronald Reagan.  He understands why many libertarians supported Trump even though they knew he was no Barry Goldwater.

He understands why so many free-marketers supported Trump even though they knew he was no Milton Friedman.  He understands why so many evangelicals supported Trump even though they knew he was no Billy Graham.

He understands why so many blue collar Democrats supported Trump even though they knew he was no Jimmy Hoffa.  He understands why so many women supported Trump even though they knew he was no Ward Cleaver (ask your grandma).

He understands why so many Hispanics supported Trump even though they knew he was no Cesar Chavez.  He understands why so many blacks supported Trump even though they knew he was no Martin Luther King Jr.

And he understands why inside-the-beltway liberal Democrats and establishment Republicans (Never Trumpers) alike didn’t support Trump and never will…

“The Left and much of the media are horrified, because the age-old power structures on which they rely are specifically the ones President Trump is seeking to demolish and rebuild.”

Newt gets it.

He understands that “Trump’s no-nonsense approach makes a lot of sense to everyone outside Washington.”  He understands that Trump “has a moral authority that no one in the Washington bureaucracy or the elite class has.”

And he understands that Trump “has experiences and lessons from life and business that no other president has had.”

If you already get it, “Understanding Trump” will be a welcome reminder that you were right and they were wrong.  And that you’re on the right side of this chapter in American history.

If you don’t get it, but are willing to keep an open mind, “Understanding Trump” will help you… understand Trump.

But if you’re suffering from an acute case of Trump Derangement Syndrome, well, no explanation is possible.  Get yourself to a safe space and curl up with a therapy puppy.  We’ll call you if we need you.

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