‘Undeniable Bias’: Navy SEAL Says Bureaucrats Like Comey Shouldn’t Be Off the Hook for Trump’s Russia Comments


Eli Crane is a Navy SEAL veteran and the CEO of Bottle Breacher. He recently provided IJR with his take on Trump’s controversial words at the Helinski U.S.-Russia press conference, which left many accusing him of treason.

You don’t have to look very hard to understand the kind of damage that folks like Comey, McCabe, Strzok and Lisa Page have done to the government agencies they represent or to the confidence of Americans and our current leadership. All you need to do is watch President Trump’s presser with Putin and his uncertainty on who to believe to understand the magnitude of their actions. Many people on both sides of the aisle saw a US president in Helsinki side with Putin’s flat out denial of meddling in our elections over the analysis of our intelligence communities.

This isn’t what I saw. I saw a president who was very conflicted and unsure of who to believe with his main focus being on moving forward with our largest nuclear adversary. Whether you believe the president made a mistake or not it was undeniable that our president was struggling with a case of “who is telling the truth.”

In the aftermath of that meeting, the partisan politics and words like treason being grossly abused, the thing that surprises me the most is the one thing that nobody is talking about.  Why was he so unsure? With the recent history of the major weaponization of government agencies like the FBI and IRS for political agendas along with occasional bad intel like WMD’s in Iraq.  Is it that appalling or is it almost understandable?

Keep in mind this is the same president who has probably faced more early opposition to the legitimacy of his presidency than any other president before him.  After all he is currently under investigation from Robert Mueller’s special council for collusion with Russia during the campaign leading up to his presidency though no evidence has been presented indicating any form of collusion with the Russians.

Let us also factor in the undeniable bias we have seen from members of our nation’s premier law enforcement agency that chose to pursue this investigation into Russian collusion and dismiss and downgrade the findings of investigation of Hillary Clinton from grossly negligent to extremely careless to protect her from criminal liabilities.

Let us also remember that this fuse for the Russia investigation was lit with a fraudulent dossier that has been proven to be full of fiction and funded by the Democratic National Convention. Hmmm….READ MORE


A former aide for President Obama tore into James Comey after the ex-FBI director urged Democrats not to “lose” their minds and “rush to the socialist left.”

Tommy Vietor, a former Obama spokesman and current co-host of the popular “Pod Save America” podcast, responded to Comey on Sunday afternoon.

“Hey Jim, we got this covered,” Vietor wrote on Twitter. “No one is asking for your advice. As we saw during the campaign, your judgment isn’t great! All the best, everyone.”

His tweet came after Comey told Democrats that leaning too far to the left is what President Trump and the Republican Party “are counting on you to do.” – READ MORE

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