Email from Hillary’s Basement Proves GOP Turncoats McCain, Corker Colluded with Clinton on Russia Nuclear Deal


GOP senators John McCain and Bob Corker secretly colluded with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to secure a nuclear deal with Russia, according to an email released from Hillary’s home-brewed basement computer server.

Meanwhile, GOP turncoat Corker this week will lead a hearing on the Hill to try and reduce President Donald Trump’s control of the country’s nuclear arsenal because Corker — who is retiring from the Senate — has labeled the President unfit to control the country’s nukes.

But it was Corker and McCain who worked in secret with Clinton in 2010 on a deal with Russia to weaken the United States’ nuclear arsenal. The arms treaty with Russia — called the New START — involved scaling back leftover cold war nuclear arsenals: depleting U.S. nuclear weapons. (Where those nukes went after and whether they were privately sold by Clinton’s friends is even another story indeed. Did they end up back in Russia? You can almost taste the illegality and irony).

The Swamp: Theater of the absurd.

The email from Hillary’s basement server in her house shows that her State Department was working with McCain and Corker to help Pass the Russian START Treaty. The email sates McCain had been prepped and agreed to help Clinton on a round of Sunday television news shows to gin up support for the treaty.

Corker too was a driving force helping Hillary as well, according to the email. But even Corker acknowledged he and McCain were walking a tightrope: two GOP senators helping a Democratic president and State Department. Corker asked Clinton and her staff to keep his involvement quiet and discreet.

The email is attached below. It defines the term turncoat.

“We have a fact sheet and excerpts from previous testimony ready to be sent to all senate
offices rebutting the alleged “secret deal” with Russia,” Hillary’s email in part reads. “We will continue making the national security case and working with bob corker, but he wants some distance between us and him – that’s what allowed him to be with us in committee.”

Clinton’s response to the email chain has been redacted — or white-boxed out — by the State Department. We bet that those shrouded contents are even more revealing.

When the Senate ratified the New START treaty, Hillary was on the floor of the Senate along with Vice President Joseph Biden.

Days after the Clinton email, McCain took the the Senate floor to promote the need for the treaty, trying to persuade then-Arizona Senator Jon Kyl to vote for the treaty. (That video clip is above).

The email from Clinton specifically mentioned “push back” against Kyl who was a vocal opponent of the Russian deal.

Again, we wonder where the U.S. nukes that were taken out of commission went: Who they were sold to and if those parties are related to the Clinton political machine.

Or even worse: Did McCain and Corker help our nuclear weapons end up in in the hands of Russia?



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