Unapologetic After Bruising Year, Macron Slams Yellow Vests as a ‘Hateful Crowd’


French President Emmanuel Macron Used His New Year’s Televised Address To Lash Out At The Populist Yellow Vest Protestors Who Have Taken To The Streets Through November And December To Oppose His Globalist Policies, Accusing Them Of Anti-semitism And Other Defects.

Attacking the character of Yellow Vest protestors — who he did not call by name — and calling them un-French liars, Macron said in the televised address from his Paris palace that they are: “the megaphones of a hate-filled crowd attacking elected representatives, the forces of law and order, journalists, Jews, foreigners, homosexuals.

“That is simply the negation of France. I have recently seen things that are unthinkable and heard the unacceptable… Republican order will be ensured with no leniency.”

Despite his having rowed back on the policy of pricing vehicle ownership out of the means of ordinary French citizens by levying high taxes on fuel, Macron vowed to continue with his policy programme in the speech. Making clear his unpopular — but some claim necessary — reforms would continue despite opposition, Macron told the nation: “We can’t work less, earn more, cut taxes and increase spending… We can and must do better.”- READ MORE


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