Ultra-Woke ‘Saturday Night Live’ Hits Ultra-Low Rating


“Saturday Night Live” was born more than 45 years ago, and it exploded across American culture. If you missed the show, you had no idea what everyone was talking about around the water cooler on Monday morning (yes, there really were water coolers back in the 1970s).

Somehow, the edgy show kept its finger on the pulse of culture, lampooning anything and everything. Sure, it had its dog days (anyone remember cast members Jay Mohr, Jim Breuer and Charles Rocket?), but somehow the show survived for four decades.

But around the time George W. Bush took over the White House (SNL loved Bill Clinton), the show got hyper-political. What followed was eight years of mocking Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney, followed by an eight-year lovefest for Barack Obama and another four-year hatefest for Donald Trump.

And now, like all the awards show ratings lately, SNL is on a big skid.

Viewers of Saturday Night Live this past weekend fell by more than half from last week (when Elon Musk hosted) to its “lowest ratings ever” of just 3.5 million, the Daily Mail reported.

“Last night’s results represent a new [household] season low and match a 18-49 low in the metered markets,” Deadline reported. – READ MORE

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