ULTIMATE FAKE NEWS BUST: Shocking Viral Gumball Video Shatters Liberal Farce About Rescuing Immigrants


We have been sold a huge immigration lie by the liberal-controlled media and its political pimps and enablers. This is fake news that spans generations and costs hard-working Americans billions.

You probably think the United States is helping squelch world poverty by accepting a million legal immigrants each year. And untold numbers of illegals too. That’s the only narrative the mainstream media publicizes daily. And that is also a major reason to step back and question their motive and facts, which simply bear no resemblance to reality.

Put simply, they lie. Perhaps not entirely on purpose. This fabrication is so large that it is rarely ever questioned. The media just regurgitates the same talking points week after week, generation to generation. But that doesn’t make it true. Because it is not.

Democrats, fueled by a complicit media, employ the ingenious masquerade of helping the world’s impoverished as a tool to add more voters to their rolls, bankrolled by the sweat and toil of hard working Americans. We’ve all been played. The United States does nothing but cripple itself by allowing immigrants — legal or illegal — to flood the country.

If you watch no other video about immigration, then you will learn all you really need to know after watching this. We won’t spoil it for you by explaining it here.

Watch. Step into the light.

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