Ukraine’s President Tells Press About Trump Phone Call: ‘Nobody Pushed Me’


During a meeting in New York City on Wednesday with President Donald Trump, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky told reporters that he was not pressured to investigate the family of former Vice President Joe Biden during the leaders’ hotly debated phone call in July — a transcript of which was released on Wednesday morning, after great anticipation, by the White House.

“Nobody pushed me,” Zelensky stated.

The transcript showed that Trump asked about a possible probe into Biden family dealings in the country, though it was related to past corruption and to addressing corruption — not to anything campaign-related in the future.

And it did not show any explicit link to a request to U.S. aid, as some people had suggested and fervently maintained.

“We had a great phone call,” Zelensky added.

“It was normal,” he said, noting that the transcript was out and available for all to read on their own.

“In other words, there was no pressure and you know there was no pressure,” Trump commented immediately afterward, looking directly at members of the media. – READ MORE

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