UK Sees Zero Daily COVID Deaths For First Time As Calls To End Lockdown Grow


Demands for the UK to end all remaining lockdown restrictions are growing after public health officials for the first time since the start of the pandemic recorded zero deaths for the past day.

That’s the first time since March 7 of last year that nobody died in the UK from COVID-19 in a 24-hour period.

Business groups have lead the charge pushing for an earlier reopening, but British PM Boris Johnson says he won’t make a decision on ending the lockdown until he has been fully briefed on the risks of the Indian COVID-19 variant that’s been spreading rapidly in the UK.

UK Hospitality, which represents about 85,000 venues, said jobs will be lost if there’s a delay to the end of lockdown measures, while survey data from the Night Time Industries Association suggests the future of nine in 10 nightlife businesses is threatened after more than a year of enforced closures.

Prevalence of the newly-renamed Delta strain is the only obstacle that could delay UK’s plans for unlocking. It has spread across the UK and the number of daily COVID cases has ticked upwards in the past two weeks, raising concerns about whether a second summer could be lost for the British tourism industry. – READ MORE

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