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UGLY: CNN Buries Buzzfeed Over Fake Trump Story


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CNN has officially turned on its left-wing compatriot Buzzfeed in an attempt to save face over the imploding story of a scandalous Russian plot to supposedly blackmail Donald Trump.

As the Daily Wire has chronicled, CNN has repeatedly exposed itself over the last year as an overtly biased news source, but the egregiously dishonest network has really taken things to the next level since Trump demonstrated that the establishment media has officially been dethroned. Clearly attempting to provide fodder for their mainstream colleagues for the president-elect’s first press conference, a day before the event CNN chose to report about a scandalous tale of a Machiavellian Russian plot to blackmail Trump based on an utterly unsubstantiated 35-page report by a former intelligence source (who has since been named). Buzzfeed took things a step further by going ahead and publishing the full, lurid, completely unverified dossier, which had been circulating in news circles for a year and included wild sexual allegations about Trump, Russian prostitutes, and urinating on a bed. – READ MORE

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