UC Berkeley Student Government Votes To Aid Migrant Caravan, Told Not Doing So Would Be ‘Ignorant And Violent’


The student government at the University of California Berkeley unanimously passed a resolution that allocates $1,500 to the migrant caravan at the U.S.-Mexico border in Tijuana.

According to the resolution, “In Support of Central American Refugees in their Pursuit of Asylum,” the allocated $1,500 will come from commercial revenues and will be distributed to a student organization, Central Americans for Empowerment, which will donate the allocation to the non-profit Freedom for Immigrants to help the caravan.

The resolution also tasked the student government’s Office of the External Affairs Vice President with “phone-banking and lobbying in support of both emergency and comprehensive immigration reform as part of their national advocacy agenda.”

According to Campus Reform, other students called the debate over allocating money “damn petty,” told their fellow senators to “get your sh**” together, and that voting no would be “ignorant and violent.”- READ  MORE

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