UC Berkeley Panel Blames Conservative Speakers For ‘Inciting’ Leftist Violence


A months-long study by a commission tasked with studying the issue of free speech on the University of California, Berkeley campus blames conservative speakers for deliberately “inciting” leftist violence. By insisting on speaking on campus, the commission says, conservative and right-wing speakers deliberately “incite[d] a violent reaction” from the radical left.

“Although those speakers had every right to speak and were entitled to protection, they did not need to be on campus to exercise the right of free speech,” the commission states, as reported by Politico. “Indeed, at least some of the 2017 events at Berkeley can now be seen to be part of a coordinated campaign to organize appearances on American campuses likely to incite a violent reaction, in order to advance a facile narrative that universities are not tolerant of conservative speech.”

Since the motives of the speakers, including Milo Yiannopoulos and Ann Coulter, are suspect, the report suggests, their right to free speech is “hard to defend.”

“Many Commission members are skeptical of these speakers’ commitment to anything other than the pursuit of wealth and fame through the instigation of anger, fear, and vengefulness in their hard-right constituency,” the report states. “Speech of this kind is hard to defend, especially in light of the acute distress it caused (and was intended to cause) to staff and students, many of whom felt threatened and targeted by the speakers and by the outside groups financing their appearances.” – READ MORE

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