U.S. Virgin Islands Senator on Epstein: ‘Widespread Corruption’ in Territory, ‘He Has People on His Payroll’


U.S. Virgin Islands Sen. Oakland Benta, a St. Croix Democrat who previously served as the island’s chief of police, is speaking out in an exclusive interview with Breitbart News about billionaire Democrat donor Jeffrey Epstein and demanding wide-ranging investigations in the territory into Epstein’s and others’ alleged “widespread corruption.”

“There is widespread corruption within the territory that needs to be addressed and looked at with fresh eyes,” Benta said in an exclusive interview with Breitbart News on Thursday.


Benta contends that Epstein, whose infamous private island in the U.S. Virgin Islandsserved as a home base for alleged illicit activities, ran a massive influence operation to get powerful politicians, nonprofit organizations, law enforcement, and government agencies charged with stopping such corruption and criminal activity from focusing on him.

“He has people on his payroll,” Benta alleges. “He has campaign contributions. He has donated to a lot of agencies and nonprofits. Maybe part of the reason why they’re not vocal is a lot of the nonprofit organizations have been recipients of contributions from Jeffrey Epstein and a lot of surrounding programs with children.”

One person of note on Epstein’s payroll is the wife of now former U.S. Virgin Islands Gov. John de Jongh’s wife, who as this reporter revealed in 2012 was working for Epstein while her husband was governor and himself facing a bribery scandal. According to a Bloomberg News report this week, Cecile de Jongh still works for Epstein per his company’s published records. – READ MORE

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