U.S. Marine’s Dramatic VIDEO Farewell from Hospital Deathbed; Salutes Donald Trump & Then Passes Away

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Retired US Marine Larry Lindsey’s final message to friends and family and country was direct and blunt, the exact thing you would expect from an old Devil Dog:

“Farewell dear friends. I seem to have run out of ammo.”

From his hospital bed on Saturday, Lindsey gave an emotional farewell to his family and country, praising the success and life-honor of helping to elect President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, and installing General Mad Dog Mattis, the nominee for secretary of defense.

Shortly after releasing the video, Lindsey passed away.

Lindsey gained prominence earlier in 2016 for raising hell on YouTube after the Colorado GOP locked GOP voters out of the state’s primary. In one viral video, Lindsey torched his GOP voter registration and vowed to help Trump win the White House.

Semper Fi. Godspeed.









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