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U.S. Intelligence Report Provides No Evidence To Back Hacking Allegations, Focuses Heavily On Russian TV Network


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The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) released Friday the unclassified version of a report on Russian election interference efforts that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi called “stunning.” The report, however, is devoid of evidence for the allegations that Russia was involved in an effort to hack Democrats and leak information, and focuses more on the Kremlin-funded news network RT.

This means the federal government has yet to produce evidence to the public to back up the claim Russia hacked the Democratic National Committee and Democratic Party figures. The report just rehashes past allegations. Michael Weiss, an editor for The Daily Beast and a senior fellow at the Scrowcroft Center, said on Twitter, “So this declassified intel report is… underwhelming. All open source, old news.” – READ MORE

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