U.S. Army’s Next Rifle Fires at Pressure Equivalent to a Tank


The U.s. Army Is Working On A Rifle That Will Fire Bullets “at The Pressure Equivalent To What A Tank Would Fire.”

Task and Purpose quotes Col. Geoffrey A. Norman saying, “The chamber pressure for the standard assault rifle is around 45 KSI , but we’re looking for between 60 and 80 KSI … the chamber pressure when an M1 Abrams tank fires is on that order.”

Norman added, “We’re looking to reach out around 600 meters and have lethal effects even if the target is protected by body armor.”

The weapon, dubbed the Next Generation Squad Automatic Rifle (NGSAR), is part of the Next Generation Weapons System and the goal is to have it ready for battle by 2022.

Current combat rifles–M4s and M16s–are chambered in 5.56. The NGSAR is designed to fire a larger round–6.8mm–yet weigh less than the current rifles. – READ MORE

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