U.S. Army Looking Toward Land Combat Robots in 2019


The United States Army is developing compact weapons platforms “optimized for fighting in dense urban terrain.”

Despite a long history of resistance to the idea, it appears that our military is finally considering the seeming inevitability of mechanized warfare. As they prepare to hand over many human tasks to their automated counterparts, it has become apparent that the age of putting (human) boots on the ground may be coming to an end.

By 2020, they want prototypes of both robotic and “optionally manned” units available for field testing. That means having something solid to work with by 2019. Brigadier General David A. Lesperance told reporter Sydney Freedberg of Breakingdefense.com that they expect heavy modeling, simulation, and experimentation in the next “six to 12 months.”

Army Chief of Staff Mark Milley created the “Cross Functional Teams” working on what he termed the “Big Six” military modernization priorities, to carry the American armed forces into the future. The “Next-Generation Combat Vehicle,” or NGCV, is near the top of that list. – READ MORE

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