Two Dozen Republicans Urging Biden to Re-Declare a National Emergency at the Border


More than two dozen GOP lawmakers sent a letter to President Joe Biden urging him to re-declare a national emergency at the border.

One of Biden’s first acts as president was to rescind the two-year-old national emergency at the border. What makes that move incomprehensibly stupid are the warnings the incoming president received from all sides about the crisis brewing the border.

But Biden had to be the “anti-Trump president.” Anything Trump did, Biden had to undo. This sort of contrariness might have satisfied his rabid base of Trump-haters but was the absolute worst thing to do as tens of thousands moved toward the border.

So, of course, Biden went even further with his idiocy. He ended the “Remain in Mexico” program and told asylum seekers waiting in Mexico for their immigration hearing to come on in and make themselves comfortable while they wait. Border facilities were quickly overwhelmed and are getting close to capacity as the human wave rolls toward our shores.

“There is a crisis at our southern border. It is critical that our leaders recognize the severity of the circumstances and respond accordingly,” the lawmakers said. “Your administration’s refusal to enforce immigration laws has encouraged countless migrants to make the treacherous journey across our border. We urge you to recognize that an immigration crisis is underway and reinstate a national emergency concerning our southern border.”- READ MORE

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