Twitter Thought Police At Work Again: Users Accuse Twitter Of Censoring WikiLeaks DNC Emails Leak


Users have accused Twitter of censoring WikiLeaks’ DNC email release after the related trending hashtag was suddenly pulled before returning to the trending list in a modified form.

“#DNCLeaks” was one of the top trending topics on Twitter this Friday with over 250,000 tweets reported to have been made under the hashtag since WikiLeaks released over 19,000 leaked emails from the Democratic National Committee.

Later on in the day, the hashtag was reported to have gone missing from the trending bar completely for around 20 minutes, before returning under the less popular hashtag “#DNCleak”. The change meant that those investigating the new trending hashtag would not see all of the other posts tagged under the previous version, effectively hiding over 250,000 tweets from the public. – READ MORE

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