Twitter Takes No Action on Verified Account Joking About Killing 7-Year-Old Trump Fan


A tweet posted on Monday by a verified Twitter user about running over a 7-year-old Trump supporter has garnered over 19,000 “retweets” and nearly 100,000 “likes.” The tweet has yet to be removed by the social media platform.

Internet comedian and Awful Records illustrator Zachary “Zack” Fox tweeted a photo-shopped image of a pro-Trump child on a road as someone is about to run him over. The child photo-shopped into the image is 7-year-old Benton Stevens from Texas, who recently made national news after raising $22,000 for a border wall with his lemonade and hot chocolate stands.

The tweet joking about murdering a 7-year-old child — which appears to be very popular among #Resistance Twitter users — has yet to be taken down by Twitter, despite the social media platform seeming to take action rather quickly when it comes to other types of accounts.

While Fox’s tweet joking about running over a 7-year-old child for wanting secured borders remains on the social media platform, it has been noted that other accounts seem to be routinely suspended after engaging in behavior many would deem far less abusive, such as operating lighthearted parody accounts mocking public servants, or creating humorous Internet memes. – READ MORE

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