Twitter Destroys Hillary Over Tweet Claiming She Wrote Letters to NASA as a ‘Little Girl’


When will politicians stop with the sappy, phony pandering “feel good” stories?

Stop trying to pretend you’re human, it doesn’t work. We all know you’re demon spawns, roaming the earth, feeding off the souls of the innocent.

Maybe some people still believed these goofy stories a decade or so ago, but they don’t anymore – especially on social media.

Case in point – Hillary’s attempt to “honor” the first all-women space walk turned into a complete and total disaster on Twitter, when she told a “tall tale” about how she wrote letters to NASA as a “little girl” telling them she wanted to be an astronaut.

She said she got a letter back that said they weren’t taking girls. 🙄

That’s stupid enough as it is, but things actually got worse for Hillary when Twitter users called her bluff on the “little girl” lie – READ MORE

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