Twitter CEO: That Quote About Twitter Being ‘The Free Speech Wing Of the Free Speech Party’ Was A Joke


As Newsbusters reports, Dorsey was interviewed before a “Wired 25” audience by Wired Editor-in-Chief Nicholas Thompson and asked about the 2012 quote from then-Twitter UK General Manager Tony Chang, who had said, “Generally, we remain neutral as to the content because our general counsel and CEO like to say that we are the free speech wing of the free speech party,”

Dorsey said, “This quote around ‘free speech wing of the free speech party’ was never, was never a mission of the company. It was never a descriptor of the company that we gave ourselves. It was a, it was a joke. Because of how people found themselves in the spectrum.

Thompson persisted, “It was a joke that people took seriously and their respect for you increased because of it at the time.”

Dorsey answered, “Well, I mean I don’t think it takes away from our defense of freedom of expression and freedom of speech. But we were not absolute absolutists because we building a purely neutral platform versus building an impartial platform that is actually, you know, a lot of people come to Twitter and they don’t really see an adverse service; they see what kinda looks like a public square. They have the same sort of expectations of a public square.” – READ MORE

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