‘TURMOIL’ — Trump Calls Out The UK For Crime Wave, Political Tensions (VIDEO)


President Trump called out the U.K. for being in “somewhat turmoil” at the White House Tuesday.

Trump told reporters, “So, I have NATO, I have the U.K., which is in somewhat turmoil, and I have Putin. Frankly, Putin may be the easiest of them all. Who would think? Who would think? But the U.K. certainly has a lot of things going on.” – READ MORE

The U.S. Embassy in London released an alert on Tuesday urging Americans to “keep a low profile” during President Trump‘s scheduled visit to the United Kingdom later this week.

The notice asks for Americans in Britain to stay aware of their surroundings and to “exercise caution if unexpectedly in the vicinity of large gatherings that may become violent.”

The request comes as Trump is expected to meet multiple protests during his first visit to the United Kingdom since taking office. Thousands of people are expected to turn out. Among the planned demonstrations is a large “Trump baby” blimp which was approved by London city officials to fly over Parliament.

“It’s just been announced: Donald Trump is coming to Britain on a state visit later this year,” reads a Facebook event description for a protest planned July 13-14 that has about 60,000 saying they will attend. “We don’t know when. But let’s be ready — and be prepared to take to the streets in the most incredible protest in our history.” – READ MORE

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